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If you had enough of the yelling, the punishing, and the fighting; if you can't stand the feelings of guilt, fear, and shame - if you want something much better for your children, and for yourself, Nonviolent Communication is the holistic method that will change your life.

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Doing the same thing can only lead to the same results

You already know that yelling, punishing, and fighting doesn't really change a thing. What might work momentarily, turns out to have made things worst the very next day. There's no better time for change than now.


I have no words to express my gratitude. Viki changed our lives.

TamaraUnited Kingdom

I found Viki just a second before I went crazy, I swear. Now our lives are beautiful again. It's amazing what a little change of perception can do.


I thought I was losing it with my 5 year old. The only thing she ever showed was anger and more anger. We couldn't find a way to talk to her. But that all changed when we met Viki. It took a few weeks but we can now talk to her, connect with her and she is really amazing. We just had to tweak a few things in our communication!


Since we moved here, my 12 year-old son spent most of his life in his room and no matter what we did we couldn't talk to him or get him to talk to us. We were so focused on his behavior, we didn't think about its source. After a few emails I got my son back :)

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Give me a chance and see how your life can transform. Without leaving your house, at the comfort of your time and schedule. Connect to yourself and to your loved ones. Let me show you how to talk, in a way that makes everyone listen. Let me show you the way back to you and back to the family life you deserve.

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